Knowledge Test Results Report


    This report allows in-depth analysis of the results, and comparison between students, groups or classes for a selected knowledge test.


    First you will select the knowledge test, these can be filtered by course:


    Second you will select the student/class/group 



    Your report will then appear as below:



    Analytics include:

    • School average for a knowledge test
    • Class/Group average for a knowledge test
    • Status of the knowledge test (completed/not assigned/in progress)
    • Time taken to complete the test
    • Question level score
    • Group average question level score
    • Question tag score average
    • Question difficulty score average
    • Gap analysis (comparison of a given pupil total score to school average)


    You will also have some other options for this report:


    Mark - if this knowledge test requires answers to be manually marked by teachers 

    Compare - you can choose another student/class/group to create your Knowledge Test Comparison report

    Favourite - this report will be added to your Reports history

    Share - you will be able to share a report with other teachers within Boost or as a weblink 

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