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    If you are MARK user returning after a longer period of time we would ask that your schools Access Coordinator checks the following to ensure your data is correct;


    • Classes - you may notice old classes are still on the system, we would advise deleting these classes (to delete a class you will first need to remove any pupils within this class).
    • Leavers - you may notice pupils which have left your school are still on the system. We would advise either deleting these pupils from the system or placing them into a leavers class.


    If you have synced your MIS to MARK, a sync will only ever add data to MARK - it does not delete it. If a pupil leaves the school, their record will become de-synced when they are no longer to be found in your MIS (as there is nothing for the connection to sync to).

    Please see the below steps on creating a Leavers class if you have synced your MIS:


    1. Go to the 'School tab' within Admin Hub, select 'MIS User sync' and de-authorise your current sync. Refresh the page. 
    2. Next select School > Promotion > Review Classes > Next, set all the dropdowns on the right-hand side to the default, (“Class”), and click 'Save and continue'.
    3. Return to the 'Classes' tab and create a "Leavers" class, then populate this class with all the pupils who have left the school.
    4. Now that your classes are all up-to-date, re-authorise your sync and push through a fresh synchronisation. Make sure to go through the process of confirming year groups, matching classes, and carefully reviewing student data, then hitting "Save and sync", to establish a fresh connection.


    Alternatively you may wish to delete all pupils which have left your school, for guidance on this please click here.


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