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    If you want to review what you've shared with your students and/or colleagues, you can select 'Share Overview'. You can access this from the sidebar menu:


    This will take you to 'Share Overview'. At the top, you have separate tabs to check what's been shared for: 

    • Resources
    • Themes/Units
    • Curriculum Plans
    • Lessons


    The default tab is 'Resources'. You can filter down further for shared resources, knowledge quizzes, or items shared via the clipboard:


    You will be able to see various details about that share, such as who shared it and when, and who it was shared with.

    If a colleague cc’s you into a resource or lesson that they’ve shared, that resource/lesson will also appear on you Share Overview.

    Editing your shared items

    You have the option of editing your shared items by selecting the pencil icon under 'Actions':


    Please note: you will not be able to make any edits to resources you have shared via Goole Classroom or Microsoft Teams in Will need to make these edits within Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams respectively.


    Deleting your shared items

    You also have the option of deleting a shared item, and thus revoke access to that shared item. To do this, select the bin icon under the 'Actions' column.


    You will need to confirm if you want to go ahead with this, as once you select 'Revoke', this cannot be undone:



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