How to create lesson folders and lessons


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    Creating a lesson folder 

    You can make a new lesson folder under the 'Lessons' tab, by selecting 'New lesson folder' under 'My lesson folders':


    Give the folder a name, and provide a description for the folder if you want. You can also link the folder to a theme/unit.

    When you're ready to proceed, select 'Create'. 



    Creating a lesson

    There are a few ways to create a lesson. If you've clicked into a lesson folder, you can select 'New Lesson' to create one:



    Give your lesson a name, and a description (optional). When you're ready to proceed, select 'add':


    You can now start adding resources to your lesson. Select the 'Resource/Quiz' button:


    You can choose to add resources, knowledge quizzes, or even upload your own resources. 

    These will let you choose from a list of available resources and knowledge quizzes. You can filter for resources from a specific theme/unit, or you can search for a specific resource name. To add them to your lesson, select the tick-box by their listing:


    If you'd rather add resources whilst browsing, you can also add them to a lesson from the main 'Resource list' tab on a theme/unit: 


    You can either create a new lesson/lesson folder from here, or choose an existing one. 

    To change the order of the resources, select the left hand-side tab on the resource tile to drag them into their new place:


    To play a lesson in class, select the 'play' icon on the lesson page: 


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