How to share a curriculum plan


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    You can share curriculum plans you have made with colleagues. This option is not available for the curriculum plan(s) that come with the theme/unit, as these are already available to all registered teachers.

    1. First, select the 'share' icon: 


    2. Choose whether your colleagues will receive a read-only version, or if they have permission to edit the curriculum plan.

    Then, search for the teachers you want to share the curriculum plan with.

    You also have the option of adding instructions or further notes.

    When you're ready to proceed, select 'Next':


    3. Finally, you can also cc' in other colleagues to this share. This might be helpful for notifying head of departments or similar, but this step is optional.

    When you're ready, select 'Done', and the named teachers will receive access to the curriculum plan:



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