How to share a theme/unit


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    All registered staff members can access all themes/units your school currently subscribes to.

    You may want to share the whole theme/unit with students, so that they can access the resources themselves at any time.

    Please note: the students will need to be registered with their own accounts to proceed. 

    1. To share a theme/unit with students, select the 'share' icon beside the theme/unit information: mceclip5.png

    If you're on the theme/unit homepage, you can also do this by selecting the 'share' icon on the theme/unit tile: 


    2. Next, review the sharing options before deciding who you want to share the theme/unit with. You also leave them blank/at their defaults. When you're ready, select 'next':


    3. Select the students you want to share the theme/unit with by selecting the tick-boxes by their name.

    If you've made groups or classes in the Admin Hub, you can also select entire classes or groups under the applicable tab:


    4. When you're ready to proceed, select 'Done'. The students selected will now have access to the theme/unit. 

    You can review what you've shared with students at any time by checking the 'Share Overview'. 


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