How to share within


    Please note: to share within, your students must have their own accounts, you can find out more about this here

    1. First, select 'Share within'


    2. The next screen allows you to set a few optional fields:
    • CC teachers: this allows your colleagues to view/edit this share. This can help you keep your colleagues updated.
    • Instructions: you can add instructions here for your students. Students will be able to read these in their notifications when logged in.
    • Schedule for later: this lets you schedule the shared item to appear in a student's account at a later date. The student will not see the shared item until the specified date.
    • Due date: this gives students a deadline to complete the shared item. They will receive notifications in their account before an item is soon due, and will be notified when it becomes overdue. You will also be able to see which students have overdue items in the reports.

    You can also leave them blank.

    When you're ready to proceed, select 'next':


    3. Choose which students you are sharing the item with, by using the tick boxes beside their names:


    You can select students individually, or you can select an entire group or class of students to share with, if you've set them up in the Admin Hub. You can also search for a specific student, class or group using the search bar, depending on which tab you have selected.
    4. Once you're happy with your selections, select 'Done'. The item will be shared with the selected students/class/group.
    You can review what you've shared when and with who at any time using the 'Share Overview'.


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