Student accounts: adding, editing & deleting


     Any approved teacher account can access the Admin Hub by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner. 


    To view students, you will need to ensure you are on the blue 'students' tab: 


    Students are grouped into those with and those without access to, on separate tabs. If their access is revoked, they will be unable to log in and their names will not appear in the interface. However, any reports or results will still be stored in case they are needed, and can be viewed again if access is restored.

    About the student list
    The list of students can be sorted in ASC or DESC order on any column. The Belonging to group dropdown and the filter pane will both help narrow the results.

    Students using an email address as their username will have a password which can only be edited by the student. Students with non-email addresses may have a password set and editable by their teachers.

    This distinction is so that schools can pick the model that best fits with their own student group. If your students are self-registering, they will be in the email group. The Status column on this screen records whether the student has verified their email address.

    If the status is email sent, the live link can be used to send a further validation email to that email address.

    Choose from one of the options below to find step-by-step guidance in managing student accounts within the Admin Hub.

    1. How do I add a student account? 

    2. How do I add students in bulk/by CSV upload?

    3. How do I edit a student account? 

    4. How do I edit student accounts in bulk/by CSV export?

    5. How do I delete a student account? 


    Please also see our tips and best practice guidance for CSV uploads or checking error reports here


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