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    The Boost eBooks App lets students and teachers access their copies of Boost eBooks both online and offline. Allocated copies can be downloaded for offline use on up to 2 devices at any time. 

    Within the Boost eBooks App, you will also be able to view and download resources and complete knowledge tests linked to your eBook(s).

    Search for 'Boost eBooks' in the Apple App Store for the iOS App or the Android Google Play Store for the Android App. The Apps are free to download, and you will be notified when updates are available to download. 


    Frequently asked questions for the Boost eBooks App:

    1. I can't log in with my details

    - Please ensure you are entering all the correct details - all elements of your credentials (username/email address, password and centre ID) must match that of your online Boost account. If you are a student and are unsure of your credentials, please ask your teacher.

    2. My eBook has disappeared from my app

    Check with your teacher that your allocation for the eBook hasn't expired. If it has, your teacher will need to allocate a new licence to your account for you to regain access.  

    - If this is your first time using the app, you will need to download your eBook(s) to access this offline.

    - You may need to re-download your eBook if you previously removed this (tip: removing an eBook from your app bookshelf which you no longer need can save space on your device, this will not delete the title from your online Boost account)

    3. Which features can I use in the app?

    - The features available within the app match those of your online Boost account, for more information about these please click here (tip: when you make annotations in your eBooks in the App you can save & sync those annotations so that you can also see these from your online Boost account)

    - You can access resources from within your eBook in the app. You can download and view these offline too.

    - If your teacher has assigned you an eBook with Knowledge Tests, you can take those Knowledge Tests in the app, your results will be fed back to your Boost reports. You can check your reports on your Boost account.


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