The Access Coordinator


    What is the role of 'Access Coordinator'?

    The Access Coordinator is a key role at your institution. This person will keep your schools data secure by approving new teacher accounts and deleting those no longer in use. You will be asked to nominate an Access Coordinator the first time your school subscribes to one of our digital platforms (e.g. Boost, MARK, 

    Please note: There can only be one Access Coordinator per online platform.


    I'm unsure who my Access Coordinator is, can I change this?

    If your teacher account is yet to be authorised you will receive a pop-up message with the option to 'Send an automated request to your schools Access Coordinator' when you try to log in. If after sending this your account is still not authorised, it may be the member of staff has since left your school. To change the role we would need your written consent via the following form: 

    Please note: our support team cannot transfer this role without this consent form being filled out and submitted to them. We cannot make any changes through a phone call or an email request, and our team will direct you to fill out the form. This is to ensure our compliancy with GDPR. 


    How does the Access Coordinator approve (or reject) new teacher accounts?

    As the institution’s Access Coordinator, only you can authorise new teacher accounts as part of the verification process. This helps you to protect all your data. Only authorised teachers can give students access to titles. If there are teacher accounts waiting to be approved, then a pop-up dialog box will appear when you log in, inviting you to accept or reject new teacher accounts.

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