Reading Planet System and Whitelisting Requirements


    Our minimum requirements are:
    - Broadband Internet access 


    One of the following browsers:

    Firefox: (latest browser version)
    Google Chrome: (latest browser version)
    Safari: (latest version of MacOS)
    Safari (iPad Tablet): IOS11 +

    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Microsoft Word or suitable alternative
    Microsoft PowerPoint or suitable alternative
    Microsoft Excel or suitable alternative


    Popup blockers

    Some of our My Rising Stars resources open in a popup window or a new tab. To access these, please either allow all popups, or add to your exceptions list in your browser settings.
    Chrome Popup Blocker support
    Safari Popup Blocker Support
    Firefox Popup Blocker support
    Internet Explorer Popup Blocker support



    If your school has a firewall in place your IT Manager may need to whitelist certain web addresses so that you can easily access all of the resources available to you. 

    The IP address for the below URLs are, and
    My Rising stars uses HTTP Port 80 and 443.  

    Please ask your network administrator to allow the following URLs -


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