Searching an eBook


    Search for books using the menu:

    Once you have logged in, use the menu on the right of the screen to choose the appropriate book(s) for your pupils. The books are split into bands. When you click on the required band the drop-down menu
    expands to list all the books in that book band.



    Click on a book title and the menu screen for that book will open. The menu screen contains the front  cover of the book and a button that you can click on to launch the eBook. There is also a button that will
    launch the complete front and back cover. The inside cover notes for the book concerned and the relevant teaching guidance.



    Search for the books using the search tool:

    You can search for books by using the search tool from the menu screen in My Rising Stars, before you
    enter Reading Planet Online. You can type a key word into this search, and it will generate a list of books that have been categorised with that key word.



    When using the search tool from the main My Rising Stars menu, an advanced search filter becomes
    available. This allows you to narrow down your search at this stage by the criteria shown in the


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