Sharing the online library


    Sharing the library with pupils, is an important first step teachers will need to complete before assigning any books to pupils accounts. 

    1) Click ‘Share’ beneath the Reading Planet logo, you will then be taken to a screen where you can decide which pupils you want to share the library with:



    2) Tick pupils on the left to add them to the list of pupils who have access on the right, untick to remove access. You can also filter and share the library by any groups you have created by clicking on the 'All students' dropdown.



    You can then click on 'Change this setting' to choose whether to share the entire library with all of the pupils, or allow teachers to assign specific books. 



    To share the entire library select 'Show', to assign specific books select 'Assign'. You cannot have different settings for different children – they either all view all of the books, or just the ones that have been assigned to them.



    3) Once you have clicked 'OK' will you return to the first popup. Remember to click 'Save' at the bottom right:


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