Assigning an eBook



    TIP: Before assigning a book you must first check the library has been shared to the pupils accounts.


    Assigning individual eBooks

    You can select individual eBooks from the menu pages within the library and assign them to individuals or groups of pupils. To do this click on the icon by the eBook and choose ‘assign this resource’.



    The following pop-up is where you can tick individual pupils, or select a group, to assign the eBook to:



    Assigning multiple eBooks

    You can use the advanced search function to assign multiple eBooks to pupils. For example, if you wanted to assign yellow books specifically, you could search for yellow, then refine your search results. 



    Once you have selected your chosen eBooks you can click 'Assign resources'. A pop-up will appear for you to tick either individual pupils or a group from the 'All students' dropdown menu:



    How do I send a colleague or pupil a quick link to an eBook?

    You can also send a quick link to an Book by going into the menu pages within the library, click on the icon by the eBook, and copy the ‘Link to this resource’ and pasting it into an email or document to then share.



    Can I reassign a book/quiz?

    You can reassign any books to pupil accounts, just please be aware any scores pupils have previously achieved will be over written if they take a quiz again.  


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