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    Each eBook in Reading Planet Online has one or more ‘checkpoint’ quizzes that appear at intervals throughout the book. These checkpoint quizzes are designed to check pupils understanding of the text up until that point, please see the example given below:



    Pupils click on this quiz icon to launch the checkpoint quiz. Pupils answer the questions navigating from question to question by clicking on the arrow to the right bottom of the quiz. When they have answered all the questions in the quiz, they click on the clipboard icon at the end of the quiz to submit all their answers and to receive their mark.



    At the end of every book there is a longer quiz that checks overall understanding of the text. As with the checkpoint quizzes, pupils click on the animated quiz icon to launch the end-of-book quiz.



    They then complete the questions, submitting the answer to each question as they go, and navigating through the quiz by clicking on the next question number in circles. At the end of the quiz they need to click on the clipboard icon to submit all their answers. This quiz is also instantly marked, and pupils are awarded a bronze, silver or gold star according to their score. If a pupil gets an answer wrong the first time, they will be given a second attempt. The latest attempt will feed through into the final score and reporting. Pupils will be given the opportunity to review their answers at the end of each quiz.


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