Change of MIS System - Wiping MIS User IDs


    *Please note: you will need to be logged in as the Access Coordinator to manage your school's MIS sync*


    If you have recently changed MIS systems, you will need to wipe the associated MIS User IDs that are associated with the current student accounts in your system. If this process isn't completed, you will run the risk of student accounts being duplicated in your MARK account.

    To wipe the MIS IDs of the student accounts you will need to login to your MARK account at and open the admin hub:




    You will then need to click onto the 'School' tab as per the image below:



    You will then need to click into the 'MIS User Sync' option, located just below the 'School' tab, and then onto 'Authorisation' as seen in the image below:




    Once you have done this, you will need to select the 'Deauthorise' option, making sure to then select the 'Clear MIS IDS' option before selecting the 'Yes' option: 




    Once this has been done, you will be able to re-authorise the connection with your data handler (Wonde, Assembly etc.) and the MIS Sync will then work as usual:





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