Advanced Search


    Advanced Search allows you to search articles within specific topics or magazine titles.

    Select 'Advanced Search':


    and make your selection from the filters on the left.

    Searching by topic

    Click on a magazine title under 'Topic' to see the topics available for that subject.


    Tick the topics you want to search within, or tick 'All' to search all topics for that title. You can select topics from multiple titles.

    Searching within a magazine title

    Select the title you want under 'Magazines'. You can choose specific volumes, or select 'All' to search the whole archive for the magazine.


    You can select volumes from multiple titles.

    For example, you may wish to search Business Review and Economic Review together, or Sociology, Psychology and Religious Studies review. Tick 'All' under each of the subjects you want to include in your search.


    You can view your selected filters in the lower left corner of the page:


    and clear them at the top of the Topics list:



    If you click into a page or article and then want to view more options, use the back button in your browser to return to search results.



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