Giving access to your students


    For students to be able to access and browse the magazine content your institution is subscribed to, you will need to give each student access to Hodder Education Magazines in the Admin Hub. 

    You may find that some of your pupils are already set up in Admin Hub. This will happen if they have previously used any Hodder Education digital products.

    Any approved teacher account can access the 'Admin Hub' by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner. 


    To view students, ensure you are on the blue ‘students’ tab: 


    Students are grouped into those with and those without access to Hodder Education Magazines, on separate tabs. 

    It is worth checking whether your pupils are already in the system, under either tabs 'with access' and 'without access', before trying to add them. You can find guidance for how to add, edit and delete student accounts using the Admin Hub here. 

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